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TITLE: Keep Holding On [[[ 02.?? ]]]
SUMMARY: See Previous post.
DISCLAIMER: I own the kids, Shonda owns everyone else.

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Keep Holding On

TITLE: Keep Holding On
DISCLAIMER: I own the children, that's it :(
SUMMARY: Futurefic, Callex, Gizzie, Maddison, Mer/Der. I basically wrote this to cheer my best friend up one day and it ended up with a mini following so....This stems from the "write as..." thread from greysforum.com. So if anything seems crazy well, that's what you get when you have 7 or so people writing ONE fanfiction, lol. Alex & Callie are married with three daughters, Lulu (13), Keira (8) and Lola (5). They have been married for 14 years after a drunken meetup got Callie pregnant and well, that's how Lulu came to be. George and Izzie have also married and have a two year old son, Harold. They live in Meredith's mothers house as Mer sold it to them, Meredith and Derek are married and built a huge house on his property, they have one daughter Samantha who is six. Even Addison and Mark are married with a six year old "boywhore" Adam. Miranda Bailey is now Chief of Surgery and works hard to keep her son William out of trouble. Richard has long since retired but likes to keep tabs on his past employees. Izzie's daughter, Hannah is now 26 and a first year intern at Seattle Grace who wants to break into Orthopedics but shows skill in Cardiothoracic. For those unfamiliar with the ficthread at grey's forum, Izzie was given custody of Hannah after a tragic accident killed her parents, as she had no one else capable of taking her and Izzie didn't want her to go into foster care. She was then raised by George & Izzie. Hoepfully this all coems together for you guys :) Alex is OBGYN and went to India with Mark to help less fortunate people, Mark does operations similar to Operation Smile, fixing cleft pallettes and so on and Alex helps with the infants and does prenatal care and so on. In this, Mark & Alex are returning from a month long trip.

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