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TITLE: Keep Holding On [[[ 02.?? ]]]
SUMMARY: See Previous post.
DISCLAIMER: I own the kids, Shonda owns everyone else.

The following day found Callie at the largest table in the caefteria, rubbing her temples and waiting for the rest of her coworkers. Meredith and Izzie came in chit chattering together and Izzie sat down next to Callie, resting her head on her shoulder.

"Save me," Izzie said. "Save me from the parasite currently forming in my womb that is sucking away my lifeforce."

"Parasite? Nice," Callie laughed.

"Shut up, how is yours?"

"Oh the usual, making me vomit over everything I smell, causing me to pee constantly...making me absolutely miserable."

"Oh GOD, are you guys talking about Mommy stuff?" Cristina groaned as she sat down at the table. "I need new, non-mommy friends, I seriously cannot deal with more childbirth, if I have to hear about placentas and lactation again for nine months...ugh!"

Addison sat down and smiled at both Callie and Izzie.

"Oh, is this a sign? You sit down the Queen of placentas before me?" Cristina groaned as she yelled at the ceiling.

"Oh, did you tell George, Izzie?" Meredith asked.

"Yes," Izzie smiled. "He cried, he's so excited."

Callie sighed as Izzie spoke, Alex still seemed rather distant about their new baby, and it really bothered her.

"Aw, I'm so happy for you guys..." Meredith said but Izzie sensed a bit of longing in her voice.

"I'm sorry, Mer," Izzie said.

"Oh, no Izzie don't start, just because we've had so much trouble doesn't mean I can't be happy for you. We are so blessed to have Sam, I should be content!"

"Did you end up stopping the treatments?" Addison asked.

Meredith nodded, "We're getting 'too old' and we've basically decided that Samantha will not be scary and damaged if she's an only child."

"Yeah we're fine with one too," Addison said. "Then again Adam is like five children rolled in one...Oh, Callie I apologize for the playground incident at school the other day..."

"Oh, its not the only time a boy has tried looking up my daughters skirt but you know Lola she has some strange obsession with flashing her panties," Callie sighed.

"She's around Hannah too much then, "Cristina interjected.

"Oh, what's that supposed to mean?!" Izzie growled.

George sat down next to his wife and Cristina laughed, "Now ALL the mommies are here."

George glared at her and pushed some soup and crackers in front of Izzie, "Eat, Iz."

"Ugh, NO. It'll just come right back up..."

George gave her a look and proceeded to shove a spoonful in her mouth and hand her a cracker.

"Hannah's picking up Harold from my Mom's," George said."She'll bring him back here for a little bit, you get off soon right?"

"Oh, Hannibal Lecter is coming?" Cristina asked.

"That's not funny!" George growled.

"Seriously!" Izzie threw in. "It's a PHASE."

"Phase? Yeah, when he grows up to be a serial killer don't be like wow, Cristina was right. Soon enough Callie will wake up in the morning to see him in her living room eating her ferrets."

"Leave the ferrets out of this!" Callie exclaimed.

"Crazy ferret lady," Cristina laughed.

"Shut up," Callie growled.

"Oh, look who it is!" Addison exclaimed as Mark and Alex entered the cafeteria with their children in tow. Missy, the intern who basically attached herself to Alex jumped up and ran to hug him.

"Oh, HELL no," Izzie growled as George shoveled more soup in her mouth.

"What the..." Callie growled.

"Oh, I can't stand that little witch," Cristina groaned. "She's been bugging me to get on my surgeries claiming she loves cardio but the minute Poppa Karev comes back she's all I heart vaginas & placentas!"

"Do you have some sick placenta obsession?" Meredith asked.

Callie rolled her eyes, "She needs to back off before she gets her ass kicked."

Callie watched Alex give Missy a warm embrace and smile at her and it made her stomach turn. Hannah jumped up and shoved Missy out of the way to give Alex a hug herself.

"Oh he's just a skank magnet," Cristina said.

"Did you just call my daughter a skank?" Izzie asked.

"Izzie...they've been calling her Olivia..." George groaned.

"WHAT?!" Izzie gasped.

"Yes..." George sighed.

"Can you ground twenty six year olds?" Izzie sighed.

"MOOOOOOOM!" Adam yelled as he saw his mother and ran over to the table.

"Oh god minature humans, I hate the minature humans..." Cristina sulked.

"Hi sweetheart," Addison smiled as she ruffled Adam's red hair. Adam pulled off the tie of his school uniform and shoved it in his pocket, "How was school?" Addison asked.

"I got in trouble..." Adam sighed.

"OH GOD who did you kiss?"

"Samantha Shepherd," Adam said nervously looking to Meredith.

"What?! MY Samantha Shepherd?!"

Adam nodded, Meredith sighed.

Callie half paid attention to the children's drama as she watched Alex talk to Missy, Hannah had moved on to talk to Mark and Missy was playfully shoving Alex in the arm. Lulu was standing by her father rolling her eyes and Keira and Lola were making their way over to their mother.

"Hi girls," Callie said, giving them both a kiss before her eyes shifted back to Alex. Missy gave him another hug and Alex grinned. Callie could have killed him.

Finally Missy was paged and ran off to answer it and Callie was more than relieved.

"What was that?" she asked as Alex walked over and removed his sunglasses. Alex bent down to kiss her but Callie moved away.

"What was what?" Alex asked.

"Oh, are you playing stupid? Because it's not cute."

"Uh...No, what the hell did I do now?"

"So it obviously means nothing to you that you're hugging on an intern in front of everyone? Let alone your wife and kids?"

"She missed me, she's a friend...if I hugged on Izzie, you wouldn't care!"

"Izzie doesn't want to have sex with you in the on call room," Callie growled.

"Callie, you're being crazy here, who says Missy wants to sleep with me?"

Cristina, Addison, Meredith, George, Izzie and even Lulu raised their hands.

"Yeah, real funny."

Hannah made her way over and butted in, "Yeah, uh...Missy? She wants to do you."

"What?" Alex asked.

"She told me herself and I told her I'd break her face if she even tried it," Hannah said.

Callie gave Hannah a proud smile.

"You guys are crazy," Alex laughed.

"Oh if you say 'she's just a nice girl', I'll hurt you," Hannah said.

"I'll second that," Izzie said.

"Whatever," Alex groaned, "I don't think I did anything wrong but obiously to you Cal, I messed up big time and now you're going to hate me, right?"

"Alex, don't start."

"We have to go see the Chief, are the girls alright here with you?"

"Yes," Callie sighed.

Mark gave Addison a kiss before he and Alex walked off.

"What in God's green earth is wrong with him?" Izzie asked, shaking her head.

"I don't know," Callie sighed.

"He's not happy about the baby?"

Callie shook her head, "He swears he is and that he's just 'overwhelmed', please, I'm not stupid."

Lulu sat down next to her Mom and picked at her Mom's plate and Callie shoved it over to her and sighed, "Go ahead and eat it I'm not hungry anymore."

Lola climbed up in her mother's lap and Callie rested her chin on the top of her head.

Keira just stood with her arms folded and tried to avoid Adam.

"Missy is an idiot, Callie," Hannah said.

"Oh yeah but he defends her? He honestly sat there and tried to think up ways to make her not look bad, what the...I don't even want to talk about it anymore, I feel so sick....All he cares about are his third world projects and this damn hospital, he was gone a month and comes back acting like he never left and he didn't even miss me like he used to..." she looked at her daughters and sighed, "I'm sorry girls I shouldn't talk about your father like this in front of you..."

"It's alright Mom, Dad's being an asshole," Lulu smirked as she shoved another forkful of fruit salad in her mouth.

"Lulu," Callie sighed.

Lola looked up at her Mom and sighed herself, "Don't be sad Mommy!"

"I'm alright, mija," Callie said. "I'm over reacting, right?" she asked the adults.

"I don't think you are at all!" Izzie exclaimed. Hannah was too busy flirting with an anesthiseologist to answer.

"Its just...ugh, last night all he wanted to to was work on his slide presentation of the trip..." Callie sighed, "Like his priorities have all shifted."

"He's just being a proud idiot," Addison said. "Mark was the same way when he first started...granted we didn't have Adam yet but still."

"I just...ugh. I don't know...he'll come around, right?"

"He better!" Izzie exclaimed.

"Eh, he's too whipped over you to do anything stupid," Cristina shrugged.

"Is anyone doing any cool surgeries because I so want to hang out in the galley," Lulu said, trying hard to change the subject because her mother's tone as she spoke of Alex worried her.

"Derek and I are doing a surgery together in about a half hour," Meredith smiled.

"SWEET. I'm in on that one."

"Ew," Keira groaned, "I'll just go up and look at the babies with Dad."

"Can I come with you Mommy?" Lola asked.

"Sure," Callie smiled, "You can watch me put a cast on."

"Okay," Lola smiled.

"When the hell did this hospital become a daycare?" Cristina grumbled.

"AUNTIE CRISTINA!" Samantha Shepherd squealed as she ran towards Cristina.

Cristina's expression completely changed as she scooped the little girl up into her lap and smiled.

"I can spell cardiothoracic!" Samantha exclaimed.

"Go for it," Cristina smiled.

"C-A-R-D-I-O-T-H-O-R-A-C-I-C," Samantha grinned.

"Wow," everyone at the table said, impressed. Meredith smiled proudly, as did Cristina.

Derek made his way over to give his wife a kiss, "Hey, Susan will be here in five minutes to pick her up."

"Oh, perfect!" Meredith said.

Callie sipped at her water and couldn't get the image of Alex hugging Missy out of her head, her hormones ravaged ehr body and she felt the intense urge to cry but held it back. Who was this man and where had her devoted husband gone?


"Hey...you uh, want to go to Joe's and get a drink with me?" Missy asked as she leaned over the nurses station later in the night.

"Nah, I gotta head back home. I told my wife I was only going to come back for a few and finish these patient files..."

"Oh COME ON, you let her boss you around? Are you on house arrest? What is ONE drink going to do? As friends! Just friends, you go out drinking with Sloan all the time, think of me as one of the guys!"

"Its tempting but no, she's pregnant, she needs me to be around as much as I can..."

"She's pregnant again?" Missy asked.

Alex nodded as he chewed his pencap.

"Wow, tell me that was an accident," Missy laughed.


"You seriously want four kids?" Lulu laughed.

"Tell you the truth in the beginning I only wanted one," Alex sighed.

"Ooo, you don't seem too happy about this."

"Its not that I'm not happy it's just...fuck, I don't know. Its hard enough trying to balance a career, a wife and three kids...throw a fourth in the mix and I'm just like what the fuck do I do here? I have to divide my devotion one more time. And she thinks I'm an asshole for not doing fucking cartwheels over this."

"She can't force you to be happy, that's just ridiculous. See, you DO need a drink!" Missy smirked.

Alex shrugged, "I guess one drink on the way home isn't a fucking mistake."

"Of course not, let's go!" Missy smiled.

Hannah shook her head in utter dissapointment. She had been listening, unseen in the hallway and she slipped into an empty room, watching as they made their way out of the hospital. She flipped open her cell phone and without hesitation she called Callie.


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aww adam is too cute as a boywhore
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amen to that!
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