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Keep Holding On

TITLE: Keep Holding On
DISCLAIMER: I own the children, that's it :(
SUMMARY: Futurefic, Callex, Gizzie, Maddison, Mer/Der. I basically wrote this to cheer my best friend up one day and it ended up with a mini following so....This stems from the "write as..." thread from greysforum.com. So if anything seems crazy well, that's what you get when you have 7 or so people writing ONE fanfiction, lol. Alex & Callie are married with three daughters, Lulu (13), Keira (8) and Lola (5). They have been married for 14 years after a drunken meetup got Callie pregnant and well, that's how Lulu came to be. George and Izzie have also married and have a two year old son, Harold. They live in Meredith's mothers house as Mer sold it to them, Meredith and Derek are married and built a huge house on his property, they have one daughter Samantha who is six. Even Addison and Mark are married with a six year old "boywhore" Adam. Miranda Bailey is now Chief of Surgery and works hard to keep her son William out of trouble. Richard has long since retired but likes to keep tabs on his past employees. Izzie's daughter, Hannah is now 26 and a first year intern at Seattle Grace who wants to break into Orthopedics but shows skill in Cardiothoracic. For those unfamiliar with the ficthread at grey's forum, Izzie was given custody of Hannah after a tragic accident killed her parents, as she had no one else capable of taking her and Izzie didn't want her to go into foster care. She was then raised by George & Izzie. Hoepfully this all coems together for you guys :) Alex is OBGYN and went to India with Mark to help less fortunate people, Mark does operations similar to Operation Smile, fixing cleft pallettes and so on and Alex helps with the infants and does prenatal care and so on. In this, Mark & Alex are returning from a month long trip.

"Alexandria Lucia Mariela Remington Karev Torres! GET YOUR BUTT UP. I'm NOT calling you AGAIN."

Lulu groaned as she rolled over to her side and looked at the Hello Kitty clock on her nightstand, she rolled her eyes and kicked the sheets off of her bed. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and stretched until her back popped and she gave a happy sigh.

"NOW MIJA!" Her mother yelled. "GET YOUR SISTERS."

Lulu made her way down the hall and knocked on a door with fairy stickers stuck all over it, "Keira Rose, get up. Mom's all raging time warden, she'll start shooting fire out of her nose soon."

Keira whined and groaned and turned her back which caused Lulu to growl and rip the sheets from her sisters bed.

"You're so mean," Keira sulked.

"KEIRA ROSE ALICIA JOYANNA KAREV TORRES!" Callie yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

"Wow, she's using the middle names, she must be mad."

"She just misses Dad," Lulu said.

"I miss Daddy too..."

"Don't we all?"

She heard footsteps behind her and turned to see her youngest sister, Lola rubbing her eyes with a bad case of bed head. "Why you tawkin' bout Daddy?"

"Cuz we're going to go pick him up, did you forget already?" Lulu smiled, picking up Lola before heading downstairs.

"Look, we're awake, don't break out the calvary or anything," Lulu smirked.

"Don't you start, Alexandria. I'm not in the mood."

"I can tell, you should be HAPPY Dad's coming back."

"I'm ecstatic....I just have a lot on my mind," Callie said as she grabbed Lola.

"Go ahead and get your showers and then get dressed, it's going to take me forever to do your sisters hair."

"No, no hair!" Lola whined.

"Lola...come on, don't you want to look pretty for Daddy?"

"Nope," Lola said shaking her head.

"Liar," Callie smiled. "PLEASE, it would make things a lot easier for Mommy, you want things easier on Mommy, don't you?"



"OKAY!" Lola growled. Lola's hair was rather curly and more than halfway down her back, she absolutely hated having her hair done but threw a tantrum if someone even mentioned cutting it. Callie often loathed Alex for picking the name Lola because it seemed to give her the "whatever Lola wants, Lola gets" complex.

Half a bottle of no more tangles and enough hair bands for five people later, Lola's hair was put up in neat little pigtail buns.

"Thanks Momma," she smiled, giving her mother a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm ready," Lulu said as she slid down the banister in capri pants and a football jersey.

"ALEXANDRIA. Can you ever dress nicely? Your FATHER is coming home, PLEASE."

"It's a U of Iowa jersey, Dad'll love it," Lulu smirked, her smirk always reminded Callie of Alex, it never failed.

"Whatever, FINE," Callie sighed, "Where is Keira?"

"Psh. Where do you think?"

"Okay I could KILL your aunt Izzie for giving her makeup, seriously."

Keira sauntered down the stairs in a pink ruffly skirt, lace trimmed top and a cute pink and white hoodie, her hair was perfectly style and her cheeks dabbed with glitter, her eyelids a sparkly pink.

"Last I check, you were eight years old."


"So, I'm your mother and you're going to take the makeup off..."

"NO MOM, GOD," Keira whined.

Callie folded her arms and stared Keira down.

"FINE," Keira yelled as she stomped back up the stairs.

"HURRY, His plane will be here in a half hour."

Ten minutes later the Karev women were loading up the car.

"SHOT GUN," Lulu said as she slipped in the front.

"You suck," Keira groaned.

Callie snapped Lola into her carseat and hopped into the front seat.

"Mom, your hands are shaking," Lulu said, pausing as she was putting her ipod headphones into her ears.

"I'm just...nevermind. I'm fine," Callie said.

"Oh God you want a divorce, I'm going to be a bastard kid!"

"HEY! LANGUAGE! And there is NO way in hell I am divorcing your father," Callie said.

"So...are you having an affair?"

"ALEXANDRIA, What is with you today?"

"I don't know I'm weighing out all possible options," she shrugged.

"No, there is no infidelity here, okay? Everything is fine," Callie said.

"You're doing the nervous thing, that thing you do where you can't stay still and your eyes get all wide...yep, so doing it," Lulu smirked.

"Okay, you? You need to stop."

"Nope, sorry, not anytime soon," Lulu grinned, "Detalles, Mamita."

"PARE! I'm not going to sit here and tell my thirteen year old daughter about my problems," Callie pulled down her visor at a stop light and checked her lipstick in the mirror.

"Okay, let's pretend I'm Izzie. SERIOUSLY, CAL, what's the sitch? Oh God...George he is so doing this thing, it so seriously drives me nuts and like...oh wait, we're so still on your issue, SPILL GIRL."

"That...That was scary," Callie laughed.

"Hey you've stuck me with her my whole young life, I think I rock the Izzie impersonation," Lulu laughed.

"That you do, but sorry babe, she already knows."

"WHAT? That's it," Lulu said, grabbing her Mother's cell phone and dialing Izzie.


"What details?"

"What's wrong with my mother?"

"Oh...THAT. Yeah, can't tell you, she'll kill me."

"Oh, you suck. Does Hannah know? I'll call Hannah, is she working?"

"Yes, she's at the hospital right now...and yes, she does know, but she won't tell you."

"THIS IS A CONSPIRACY. Okay, give me a hint, divorce? affair? IS SHE DYING?"

"None of the above...I have to go hun, Harold's up from his nap and I think he just kicked the dog. I'm sure you'll call me in a hissy as soon as you figure it out."

"SHE SUCKS." Lulu growled as she shut Callie's phone.

"No, I've just beat her up so many times for letting things slip that she FINALLY took the hint."

"You're not dying, right?" Lulu said, a hint of concern in her voice.

"Nope, not dying."

Lulu let out a big sigh and turned to look back at Lola, "Hey Lols, wanna do me a favor?"


"I'll let you use my iPod," Lulu smirked.


"Bug mom until she gives in," Lulu laughed.



"It's not going to work..." Callie said.




"Nice try"


"Ha, cute, but no."

"MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY!" Lola proceeded to kick the back of Callie's chair.

They pulled into the airport parking lot and Callie ignored Lola, who finally decided to run into a crowd of people, throw herself on the floor and throw the biggest more embarassing tantrum on the face of the earth.

Callie grabbed Lulu and pulled her to the side, ordering her to stop Lola.

"Giving in?" Lulu smirked.


"Here Lola," Lulu smiled, handing Lola her iPod.

"I swear you truly are your father's daughter..."

"I try!"

Callie whispered in Lulu's ear which caused Lulu to gasp.


"Language! And no, I'm not."

"Ay! Santa madre de DIOS! Dad is going to FLIP."

"Which is why you aren't saying anything, PROMISE."

"Oh that's just too huge for me not to, I need some sort of agreement here," Lulu smirked.

"You are the spawn of satan," Callie groaned, "What do you want?"

"Hm, laptop. I want a new laptop."


"Oh...is that dad? I think I see Dad!"


"Shake on it," Lulu said and Callie shook her hand.

They made their way through the terminal just as everyone was exiting the plane. Alex walked out with Mark Sloan, shifting his computer bag on his shoulder. His eyes lit up and his smirk appeared the moment he saw Callie.

"Woooo, he's going to FLIP," Lulu laughed.

"Shut it, I brought you into this world. I can SO take you out."

"DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!" Lola screamed taking off as fast as her five year old legs could carry her.

"Lols!" Alex smiled, setting down his bag and scooping her up in his arms. He kissed her cheek and she wrapped arms around his neck and refused to let go. Lulu and Keria ran over with Callie walking behind.

"NICE JERSEY!" Alex smiled as he looked at Lulu.

"I knew you'd like it," Lulu smiled back. Alex set Lola down so that he could hug Lulu and Lola proceeded to have a fit until Callie picked her up.

"I missed you sooooo much Daddy," Keira said as Alex grabbed her and picked her up.

"I missed you guys too, I brought a bunch of presents."

"YAY PRESENTS," Lola and Keira exclaimed.

"How's my gorgeous wife?" Alex smiled as he set Keira down and kissed Callie's cheek.

"On the brink of insanity," Callie laughed, she handed Lola to Lulu so that she could give Alex a real kiss and a hug.

"GET.A.ROOM." Lulu groaned.

"Shut it," Callie smirked as she pulled away.

"God, I missed you," Alex smiled.

"You have no idea how much I missed you," Callie softly said.

Lulu proceeded to make gagging noises and Alex playfully shoved her arm.

"So, fill me in on everything," Alex said as he scooped Keira up and sat her on his shoulders. Lulu set Lola down and grabbed Alex's bag so that they could make their way to baggage claim.

"Oh, Mom's got LOADS to tell you," Lulu smirked.

"I do not," Callie said. "Nothing major has gone on, just little things I told you over the phone."

"She's lying, there's something HUGE going on," Lulu smirked.


Lulu sighed, "I don't know if I can do this..."

"What laptop?" Alex asked.

"Nothing. You're just about to loose a daughter by the time I get done with her..."

"Oh, but he'll gai-"


"Gain? Was she saying Gain? I'm not gaining a son am I? She's 13 I don't go for that Alabama marriage shit. Don't you tell me she has a boyfriend, I'll fucking kill him."

"EW. NO." Lulu gasped.

They finally reached the baggage claim where they spied Addison hugging Mark with their six year old, Adam.

"Addison!" Callie smiled.

"Hey Cal!" Addison smiled as she made her way over, "How are you feeling today?"

Callie's eyes widened and waved her hand in front of her throat to tell her to cut it out.

"Oh...OHHHHH." Addison said.

"Oh, did EVERYONE know except for me?"

"Know what?" Alex asked.

"NOTHING," Addison laughed, "I'm proud of you Karev. You did an amazing job over there. I can't wait to see the footage and pictures."

"Hey you know me," Alex smiled.

"Best damn OB/GYN in the country right now...well, aside from me," Addison laughed.

"You're telling me," Mark interjected as he joined the group, his bags in tow. "Some of the shit he did, even I was impressed....Hey Callie, how you feeling?"

Alex raised an eyebrow and then looked to his wife.

"I'M FINE MARK. How are YOU feeling?" Callie said, trying not to act flabbergasted.

Addison elbowed Mark in the side and he smirked, "Ohhhhhh."

"Mark knew before me? GOD." Lulu yelped.

Alex looked down to see Adam flirting with Lola and set Keira down so that he could put Lola on his shoulders to keep her away from the boywhore.

"Dude, what the fuck is going on here?" Alex asked.

"Your wife will fill you in soon enough," Addison smiled. "Callie, 9:30 tomorrow, don't forget."

"I won't." Callie smiled.

"How about we go out to eat?" Alex asked, "That way you guys can fill me in. I go to India for a fucking month and come back so out of the damn circle..."

They drove to their favorite Cafe which wasn't far from the hospital.

"Five please," Alex said.

"Or is it six?" Lulu muttered and Callie glared at her.

"Six what?" Lola said rather loudly.

"Six, you'll be six in in a year, that's all she was saying. She's working on her math skills...sadly she's regressed to addition."

"You guys are so weird, what the hell have you been smoking?" Alex laughed.

"I'll take a beer, whatever's good and doesn't take like pee water," He said to the waiter. "Lemme see if I can remember this...Coke, Dr. Pepper, Apple Juice and a Coke for you, right Cal?"

"Uh...make that a Sprite," Callie smiled.

"Right on, girls decide what you want. Lols I already know..."

"CHICKEN FINGERS," Lola exclaimed.

"Yeah, no shocker there."

"How are your grades?" Alex asked as he looked over at Lola who was sighing over the menu.


"Just eh? Don't tell me they're eh, or I'll take away the iPod, the TV, the computer...there's No EH, LuLu."

"I got a B in maths..." she sighed.

"That's eh? That's still good! Eh makes me think D's and shit, a B isn't bad."

"But that B screwed up my GPA dad. Now I'm not going to be top graduate of the 8th grade," Lulu sighed. "I'm thinking of dropping out of football this period."

"No way! You're the only girl on the team, you kicked Robby Meiers ASS. No way in hell."

"It's just...frustrating."

Alex sighed, "Well...shit, I mean...your coach know?"

"Yeah, he said it doesn't screw up my chances of getting on the freshmen team in high school."

"If you have to...you have to..." Alex sighed, "Keir, you still taking drama?"

"Yes!" Keira exclaimed. "I'm trying out for Grease in five days..."

"Wow, grade school Grease, that'll be interesting." Alex laughed, "Lola, what's up my love?"

"I COLORED YOU!" Lola exclaimed.

"Right on, babe, can't wait to see it." He turned to Callie who was looking rather sheepish. "You're doing the nervous thing," Alex said.

"I am not," Callie said.

"We've been married for almost fourteen years you're going to tell me you're NOT doing the nervous thing? I read you like a book, Cal."

"She's a little under the weather," Lulu laughed. "She's uh..."

Before Lulu could finish, Callie kicked her under the table. "OW!" Lulu gasped.

"You look pale..." Alex said, brushing Callie's hair away from her face with his fingers. "You feeling okay?"

"I'm FINE," Callie firmly said.

"No, you're not. I know fine, you don't look fine, is there something you're not telling me?"

"I just missed you, A LOT."

"Well I'd think you'd be all over me if that were the case..."

"Ew, please don't," LuLu groaned, "That's why you're in this situation in the first place!"

"I'm going to kill you," Callie growled at her daughter.

"That's not good for the baby!" Lulu spit out.

"ALEXANDRIA!" Callie gasped.

"Baby, what baby?" Alex asked.

"THE baby," Callie sighed.

"Speaking greek..."

"Alex, you're an OB/GYN...figure it out."

Alex gave her a look as he took a drink of his beer, Lulu waited for his reaction. A moment later Alex spit out his beer and looked at Callie with wide eyes, "YOU'RE PREGNANT?"

"Alex, quiet, people are staring."


"Mom's pregnant?" Keira gasped.

"WHATS PREGNANT?" Lola asked.

"Mom's having a baby," Lulu said, turning to Lola.

"NO! NONONONONONONO. I'M THE BABY. I'M DADDY'S BABY! NO!" Lola whined. Lulu covered her mouth with her hand.

"Shut up, this is about to get good!"

"YOU'RE PREGNANT?!" Alex said again.

"Yep," Callie sighed.

"I..I thought we were long done...I thought Lola was the last one!" Alex exclaimed.

Lola was pouting under Lulu's hand.

"I uh...thought so too, but obviously that's not the case now is it?"

"HOW?!" Alex gasped.

"Alex, you of all people know how babies are made," Callie sighed.

"Yeah I do considering we've done it THREE TIMES. I mean...HOW? You're on the pill!"

"Yes, thanks for letting the entire cafe know that I'm on the pill, I'm sure they wanted to know that."


"Yeah, I was on the pill when we wound up with Keira too!"

Lulu laughed so hard her sides hurt. "HAHA! You were an accident!"

"Yeah uhm...let's not get into the accident thing here, missy," Callie sighed.

"Yeah, you were a drunken night at the bar!" Keira exclaimed.

"HEY!" Lulu exclaimed.

"I was planned," Lola said muffled through Lulu's hand.


"Yes...Glad to see you can count."

"Callie! FOUR KIDS?"

"Yes, we got that...four kids."

Alex sighed. "How far along are you?"

"Eight weeks."


"Wow...I just...whoa. FUCK. FOUR KIDS?"


Alex drove his forehead into his palms, "Four kids? Wow."

"You're the one who refused to get snipped, don't yell at me," Callie said.

"Hey Dad, maybe this time you'll get a boy," Lulu shrugged.

"Ew, no boys," Keira gagged.

"NO BABY!" Lola said through Lulu's hand.

"I don't know what to say...WOW."

"So you're not happy at all?" Callie asked, he could tell that she was starting to get upset, and remembering how hormonal she got when she was pregnant, he calmed himself down and took a deep breath.

"No, that's not it baby. I love being a father, it's just four kids, that's a lot of kids. I mean everyone else has ONE kid and here we are going onto number four like it's nothing..."

"So we should reproduce based on everyone else?"

"No! I mean...fuck, I dont know what I mean."

"Because Izzie's pregnant too."

"SHE IS?" Lulu gasped.

"Yes, don't tell your uncle George, he doesn't know yet."

Lulu eyed Callie's cell phone but decided her family's reaction was much more entertaining.

"You don't want this baby?" Callie sighed, tears welling in her eyes.

"I do! I love having babies with you...it's just, overwhelming babe."

"Alex, I need you on board for this! How is this any different than the girls? It's not. We've done well, and we can do this again. And then we're done!"

"I guess I really should get snipped, eh?"

"I think yes," Callie said.

"I'm on board, I would never not be on board. I love you, and I love the girls and I love this baby," he said as he reached over and touched her stomach. "It's just I've pushed myself back that new baby mentality since I thought Lola was the last...so I'm just you know, like I said, overwhelmed."

Callie saw the same proud look in his eyes that she so vividly remembered when he found out Lulu was his baby.

He smiled a little and then looked into her eyes, "Hey, maybe this time we'll get the boy," he said before kissing her softly.

"Thats what I just said!" Lulu groaned.

"You're ruining the moment," Keira said.

"Well, shit, let's eat and then let's go over and harass your aunt Izzie, what do you think?"

"YES!" Lulu smirked.

Callie could barely touch her food and Alex had it wrapped up so she could try and eat again later, they piled into the car and made their way to Meredith's mother house which had been George and Izzie's place for nearly six years as Derek and Meredith built a huge house on Derek's property.

"Is it still the devil kids nap time?" Alex asked.

"No, he should be up by now."

"FUCK. Is everyone wearing good shoes? He's going to go for the feet."

"He terrifies me," Keira sighed.

They made their way up the porch and to the front door, and Izzie ran to the front hall as soon as she heard them knocking, her toddler Harold on her hip.

"Hey guys!" Izzie exclaimed, "I was just baking!"

"When aren't you baking?" Alex asked.

"I missed you, asshole! Give me a hug!" Izzie exclaimed. Alex tried to avoid Harold as he hugged her.

"Callie told me the news, you're knocked up?"

"Nice way of putting it," Izzie said.

"Oh he knows about number four, by the way..." Callie said.

"Really? How'd you take the news?" Izzie laughed.

"I'm still trying to take it."

"We're two weeks apart, Callie and I...isn't it exciting?"

"Georgie doesn't know?"

"No, Harry and I are telling him tonight, I'm making him a special dinner," Izzie smiled, looking down at her son, "Right baby?"

Harold gave her a toothy grin.

"You're such a good boy, Mommy loves you soooooo much," she said before setting him down. "Why don't you play with Lola?"

Lola's eyed widened, "No, I wanna stay with my Daddy..."

"You don't want to color? I have crayons and stuff set up at his play table..."

"Go on, Lola, it's alright," Callie urged her. Lola sighed. "Keira, Lulu, why don't you go with her?"

"Fine," Lulu said, pondering the many ways she could tie Harold up.

Callie, Alex and Izzie made their way to the kitchen where Izzie poured decaf tea for her and Callie and grabbed a beer for Alex.

"How was India?" Izzie asked.

"Amazing, you know, when I wasn't sick. But I successfully seperated conjoined last week with Mark, it was amazing."

"Wow, that's impressive."

"Yeah we've got loads of videos and slides and shit to show off at the big meeting friday, you going to be there?"

"Yes, I have surgey that keeps being postponed that they're telling me I'll be doing friday, HA, we'll see. I have no idea why I'm always the tortured attending at the hospital," Izzie sighed.

"Cuz you're general, general always gets the bullshit."

"Okay, Vagina man," Izzie laughed.

"Where's George at anyways?"

"Mercy west, they needed him for some god forsaken reason. He should be home in an hour or so."

"It's always hilarious to me to see you guys married with KIDS," Alex laughed.

"Shut up, that's exactly how I feel about you."

"MOM!" Izzie heard as the front door slammed.

"KITCHEN," She responded.

"ASSHOLE!" Hannah exclaimed as she saw Alex, "Good to see you!"

"Whoa shit, look who it is, how the fuck are you?"

"Good, good. Hey, Callie. That patient, the one with the scoliosis? Yeah they're pushing his surgery up to tomorrow, can I scrub in?"

"Okay, can we not talk about work when I'm NOT working," Callie laughed.

"Alex knows, Hannah."

"Oh! About the fetus? Awesome. Excited?"

"I just...wow, four kids."

"Aw how cute...HE CAN COUNT," Hannah laughed as she patted his head.

"Where are the kids, you bring them with? They holed up somewhere with Lucifer?"

"Don't call your brother Lucifer, Hannah."

"Uh...fine, Damien?"

Izzie sighed, "They're coloring."

"He viciously attack anyone yet?" Hannah laughed.

"He is not that bad!" Izzie exclaimed.

"Psh, right Mom, he's an ANGEL."

Hannah heard Lola start crying and Alex was about to get up, "I got this," Hannah said.

Izzie listened for a moment as she ehard the downstairs hall closet door slam shut. She could hear Harry sobbing and ran down the hall.

"HANNAH!" She gasped.

"WHAT?! He bit Lola!"

"Ugh!" Izzie groaned, "He's just going through a phase."

"Is that what they call insanity nowadays?"

Izzie released Harry from the closet and scooped him up in her arms, "Sis is so mean to you, isn't she? I think you need to go down for a little longer of a nap," Izzie said as she ran up the stairs to put Harry in bed.

"So, I heard you and sloan will be showing off clips from the trip on friday, can I get in on that?"

"No interns," Alex smirked.

"ASSHOLE," Hannah gasped.

"I'm kidding, actually it's required of you guys, so yes, you can come see it, I'm pretty sure Chief Bailey will bitch if you're NOT there."

"Awesome!" Hannah exclaimed. "So Callie... about that surgery..."

"Yes! You can scrub in!"

"You're a rockstar," Hannah smiled.


Callie sighed as she brushed her teeth, here she had thought they were long done with the pregnancy chapter in their lives and she was pregnant again. Alex was taking it better than she thought he would but he still didn't seem as excited as he did with the girls. She set her toothbrush down and stared at herself in the mirror as Alex slipped in the bathroom behind her, grabbing her from behind and pulling her close.

Callie watched him in the mirror and sighed, "I'm sorry."


"This whole situation...you don't see happy at all."

"I'm just-"

"Overwhelmed," Callie finished for him.

"Yeah," Alex sighed. "I don't mean to hurt you, baby."

"Even when there was that small chance LuLu wasn't yours you were more excited to be a father."

"Hey, that's not true, I'm very excited. it's just..."

"No more overwhelming."

"Look, Cal. I love you, I love you and I love the girls...But I'm just not prepared for this! We gave away all the baby stuff to Izzie and George...this is like, starting over again."

"Whatever, I can't convince you to be happy..." Callie sighed, pushing away from Alex and walking into their bedroom. Alex sighed and followed her but she slipped under the sheets and turned away from him. Instead Alex went downstairs and noticed the TV was still on.

LuLu was watching TV and hardly noticed her father as he sat down next to her.

"Don't you have school tomorrow?" Alex asked.

"Yeah but...can't sleep."

"Yeah, I feel you."

"You really aren't doing good with this whole baby thing, are ya?"

Alex shook his head, "I don't know what to say."

"What if its all meant to be? You know what if this time it's a boy, and its your reward for getting through everything with me, Keir and Lols? You know? What if God was testing you and now you'll get your son? Good things happen to those who wait, and God loves surprises!"

Alex threw his arm around Lulu's shoulders and pulled her close, "I love you very much, LuLu. I'd have nothing if it wasn't for you."

"Uh, are you drunk?"

"No! I'm being serious here. Had your Mom not have gotten pregnant with you i don't know what would have happened between her and I. I loved her from the moment I first kissed her, but I was a dick, I was immature and I was self absorbed, the minute you came into the picture, shit changed. I had to take responsibility and be a man, not only did I have this gorgeous amazing woman who was wild for me, and I was just as wild for her...but we were having a baby. I put aisde my bullshit and became a real man. When youw ere born it was like every moment of pain I was ever in was absolved...it's a feeling that someday you'll understand when you have your own children, much as I don't want you to...it's inevitable. I remember the kidnapping, ugh...it was like he ripped my heart out too, like I couldn't function without you. Your Mom...it fucking killed her, but the moment you were back in our arms it was like you were born again and I found my sense of purpose."

"How is this different?"

"I don't feel like I have that purpose now...it's fucking strange."

"But, you do. You're the most important man in my life and even when I do get married...ew, someday, ew....You'll always be my number one. But Daddy, this baby needs you just as much as me, as much and Keira, as much as Lola...it's no different, it really isn't."

"You're too smart for your own good," Alex smirked.

"Yeah well, in that sense I'd guess I take after my Mother," Lulu laughed.

"So you really going to quit the football team?" Alex asked.

"I have to Dad, I'll never get into medical school if my grades suck..."

"Med school? You're still set on med school?"

"Yep. I'm thinking Cardiothoracic..."

"You've got about 15 years to settle on a field," Alex laughed.

"True," LuLu laughed.

"You need to go to sleep," Alex said.

"I know..." LuLu sighed.

"I'll walk you up," Alex said, and they walked side by side up the stairs and to LuLu's room.

"Night, Daddy," Lulu said.

"Night, Lu," Alex replied.


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Jun. 20th, 2007 08:55 pm (UTC)
I'm far from a prude, but I'm wondering if anyone thought that there was WAY too much cussing for them to have been in front of children? I just didn't think that was realistic.

Otherwise, I'm really interested to see what happens, especially with Maddison.
Jun. 20th, 2007 09:08 pm (UTC)
That also kinda stems from the write as threads, that Alex cusses in excess and it kinda stuck. Which is why his eldest daughter also has a bad mouth and Callie is constantly scolding her and Alex gets scolded for it as well (though not in this chapter)
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