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why she loves him chapter 2

Mark entered the intern locker room and immediately noticed the redhead from the night before. He went over to her "remember me?"

"Yeah, how could I forget you were in all my classes in med school and you made sure to tell me that last night?"

"So how was your night?" Mark raised his eyebrows teasingly

The redhead rolled her eyes and looked for a distraction, she found one in her friend "CALLIE hey"

Callie walked over to the two "hey Addi who's your friend?"

"Mark, right?" she asked him

"Don’t act like you don’t know you were screaming it all night" Mark smirked as Addison’s face turned the color of her hair

"See you around" mark winked at Addison

"No wonder I couldn't call you last night" Callie said once mark was out of earshot

"Are you sure that's the reason it's not because you were making out with the puppy eyed guy"

"A little of both and for the record I approve"

"He is hot isn’t he" Addison asked and at that moment her eyes met Mark’s. He gave her a steamy grin and took off his shirt. In return she gave him a flirty smile. Callie lightly hit her arm

" Addison, no"


"It was most likely a one night stand"

"I know"

"Then how come you're falling for him"

"I can't help it"

"But you just met him"

"No I didn't, he was in med school with us"

"That’s the Mark you were crushing on?" Addison nodded "no wonder you jumped his bones so quick"

Addison glared at Callie "I have to go meet my resident"

Derek stood near the locker room and waited for mark. As he did so he noticed a familiar blonde walk by, he whistled to get her attention. The blonde turned around and was about to tell him off but he gave her a dreamy smile "nice to see you again Meredith"

"You work here?"


"You’re an intern here?"


"At Seattle grace where I just started my internship"

"I think we already covered that I work here"

"sorry, this is all new to me, usually when I have a one night stand I never see them again but here you are"


After a moment of silence Meredith spoke once more "this is awkward"


At that moment Mark chose to come out of the locker room. He had his arm around the waist of a pretty redhead. He was smirking while she smiled and slightly blushed. Behind them was a pretty raven haired Latina girl, she was looking at the redhead with a disappointed look on her face.

"Derek meet Addison Montgomery and Callie Torres, girls meet Derek" Mark said introducing them.

"Nice to meet you ladies" Derek greeted

"who is she?' mark asked gesturing to Meredith

"Meredith" Derek gave Meredith a questioning glance

"Grey, I’m Meredith Grey"

"Mere let's go" an Asian girl said impatiently as she walked up to the group with a handsome African American man

"Hey Preston" Mark greeted


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