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why she loves him

Taking a deep breathe he began his vows "at first things were real good and then it got bad and it was all my fault. We fell in love and instead of embracing it i ran away from it. i realized you weren't going to wait around forever but by then it was too late, you were already gone. It took awhile but you finally forgave me and I thank you for giving me another chance because I love you and I finally man enough to say that without worrying about my reputation. You complete me and even though we're polar opposites and I have a huge ego and you don't have a bragging bone in your body and you’re bossy while I’m a pushover I feel...no I know that we were made for each other"

He noticed the tears forming in her eyes and wiped them away as they fell. "Your turn" he whispered

Looking in his eyes she started her vows "we've been together since forever. Those years we were apart we were still together in our hearts. I dreamed of you proposing but that actual moment I could have never dreamed of. I never thought I could possibly love a person so much but that was until I met you. It was bliss for awhile but then it got hard and I was the only one fighting for us. You put up a struggle and I had to let you go. Letting you go was the most painful thing I’ve ever done. But you made it up to me. Long after the war was over you decided to fight and unlike me you didn't give up"...

As they parted from the wedding chapel they looked back at their family and at the same times their eyes met with the eyes of a toddler. She smiled and waved to her parents.



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